Isaiah Forty-Two Twelve


… the ecstasy of words.

Let the whole world glorify the LORD; let it sing his praise. Isaiah 42:12

Ride Them Waves

Sometimes it is the tiny stitches of embroidery on life’s tapestry that catch us most off guard. They are the life scenarios that shake our foundations and leave us feeling turned inside out— out of sorts. Peace feels absent and unsettledness takes root.      A mother watches him leave, and knows he would shadow theirContinue reading “Ride Them Waves”

I Could Fly Back

I miss you, Your towering frames, A million-one squinting windows— Towers. I miss you, Your whining squeal, The clatter upon track— Subways. I miss you, Your no-sleeping pathways, Filthy, germy, and people laden— Sidewalks. I miss you, The rushing, the clatter, The sirens, and midnight parties— City noise. I miss you, The community, The placeContinue reading “I Could Fly Back”

Wherever you are, be all there.

Jim Elliot

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